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Most Popular Documentary Feature Films

4.6/100 75 min
Wrinkles the Clown
In Florida, parents can hire Wrinkles the Clown to scare their misbehaving children.
8.5/100 108 min
The Game Changers
A UFC fighter's world is turned upside down when he discovers an elite group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything he had been taught about protein was a lie.
6.6/100 95 min
Memory: The Origins of Alien
The untold origin story behind Ridley Scott's Alien - rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythologies, underground comics, the art of Francis Bacon, and the dark visions of Dan O'Bannon and H.R. ... See full summary »
7.9/100 18 min
A documentary series that looks to explore the big questions of today.
5.2/100 116 min
Everybody's Everything
A look at the life of genre blending artist and style icon, Lil Peep.
9.5/100 298 min
Planet Earth II
David Attenborough returns in this breathtaking documentary showcasing life on Planet Earth.
7.7/100 130 min
Diego Maradona
Constructed from over 500 hours of never-before-seen footage, this documentary centers on the career of celebrated football player Diego Armando Maradona, who played for S.S.C. Napoli in the 1980s.
7.0/100 55 min
Rotten dives deep into the food production underworld to expose the corruption, waste and real dangers behind your everyday eating habits.
7.0/100 60 min
The Curse of Oak Island
Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan with a life-long interest in the mystery of Oak Island, renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with sophisticated machinery.
7.1/100 N/A
Playboy Cyber Girls
An exclusive look at the best glamour models from the US and around the world. Discover the most glamorous, beautiful women during their photo-shoot and behind the scenes as they share their passions and desires.
7.9/100 135 min
Roger Waters - Us + Them
A look at Roger Waters' 2017-2018 concert tour.
8.0/100 N/A
Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates
A documentary that tells Bill Gates' life story as he pursues solutions to some of the world's most complex problems.
9.3/100 557 min
An exploration of our discovery of the laws of nature and coordinates in space and time.
8.2/100 95 min
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
With one of the most memorably stunning voices that has ever hit the airwaves, Linda Ronstadt burst onto the 1960s folk rock music scene in her early twenties.
7.0/100 113 min
The Great Hack
The Cambridge Analytica scandal is examined through the roles of several affected persons.
7.6/100 143 min
I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter
Teen Michelle Carter's actions shocked a nation - but what really happened behind closed doors? This HBO special showcases the prosecution's point of view and alternately the defense's. Which side do you fall on?
8.3/100 99 min
They Shall Not Grow Old
A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of the end of the war.
7.1/100 25 min
Fantasy Flirt
A high energy mix of the newest and sexiest girls to pose for Playboy. Models share their turn-ons, fantasies and secret desires while taking it all off for the cameras.
8.3/100 93 min
Apollo 11
A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
6.9/100 48 min
Roman Empire
Chronicles some of the most famous leaders of the Roman Civilization.
7.2/100 N/A
The Last Czars
A Chronicled look at the fall of the Romanov dynasty in Russia.
9.4/100 403 min
Our Planet
Documentary series focusing on the breadth of the diversity of habitats around the world, from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America.
7.6/100 97 min
The story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.
8.2/100 100 min
Free Solo
Alex Honnold attempts to become the first person to ever free solo climb El Capitan.