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Movie: Mafioso(1965)[tt0056210] Antonio is a jolly and precise guy working for an auto factory in northern Italy. He decides to take his wife and two daughters on vacation to Sicily, so that they can finally see his hometown and meet his family. He's excited to show them around and dispel many of their negative stereotypes about Sicilians. He even dispels stereotypes about the mafia, saying that being a mafioso as a teen amounted to just being a messenger boy. But as Antonio reconnects with his past in Sicily, he finds out that there are more sides to being a Sicilian than he remembers. Written bykrasnoludek
Title Mafioso
Release Date 4 March 1965 (Hungary)
Genres Comedy, Crime, Drama
Production Companies Compagnia Cinematografica Antonio Cervi, Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica
Alberto Sordi
Alberto Sordi...
Antonio Badalamenti...
Norma Bengell
Norma Bengell...


buff-29 on 21 January 2007
This film has several amusing scenes and an attractive, understated performance by the female lead, Norma Bengell, but when it starts to take itself seriously, it becomes pretty much of a mess. The celebrated Alberto Sordi is fine in the lead, but he is asked to do too many silly things for his character to be effective.Sordi plays a successful man taking his beautiful wife and lovely children back to visit the home folks--but his home folks are in Sicily and include the local mafia boss, so many complications ensue. There are some laughs when Sordi's mom and dad force-feed their guests and when Sordi meets some of his old cronies, but it is all pretty broad humor. It is when the mafia boss demands repayment of an old favor that things begin to seem ridiculous and viewers, at least this one, start looking at their watches.

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