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L'enfance nue - Naked Childhood

L'enfance nue - Naked Childhood
Movie: L'enfance nue - Naked Childhood(1969)[tt0065695] A ten-year-old boy feels unwanted when his mother places him in a home for wayward children. He goes to a foster home where a family of workers finds him to be too much for them. When the unruly child discovers the family plans to give up on him, he kills their daughter's cat in retaliation. He is sent to another home where he is cared for by an elderly couple. The boy takes to the wife's elderly mother, who reaches out to the disturbed boy. His deliberate disobedience lessens somewhat in his new environment, but he is arrested after throwing bolts at cars from a bridge. The boy tries to overcome his mother's rejection and struggles to boost his self-image in this childhood drama. Written byDan Pavlides
Title L'enfance nue - Naked Childhood
Release Date 22 January 1969 (France)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Parafrance Films, Parc Film, Renn Productions


mbrcf on 15 December 2019
Naked childhood or L'enfance nue (original title) is a film that deals with issues such as under-privileged children, foster-parenting and in general children being raised apart from their parents. The director approaches his subject with a realistic, almost documentary narrative with the least amount of dramatization. Therefore viewers will be shown a pretty straightforward story about a troublesome kid and what he is going through with foster-parents, school, social service agents and so on.I think the film does a good job at showing us that no one's to blame for what eventually happens in these scenarios and yet the current method is a failure for these children. It's a film that is not very shocking or disturbing (although there are couple scenes) but it can make one think for a while.

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