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Movie: Mørkeleg(1996)[tt0117140] Four high school friends meet up in an abandoned house to play 'Backstabbed', a game of murder with headphones and plastic weapons. Meanwhile, a serial killer is leaving a trail of blood on his way to the house, and soon the game of murder becomes much more than make-believe. Written byPeter Brandt Nielsen
Title Mørkeleg
Release Date 6 September 1996 (Denmark)
Genres Horror
Production Companies Det Danske Filminstitut, Regner Grasten Film
Joachim Knop
Joachim Knop...
Laura Drasbæk
Laura Drasbæk...


JMH-3 on 5 September 2001
Once again we have a movie where group of late teens gather to an abandoned house to play murder-game (called "Backstabbed"). There's also your usual serial killer loose in the neighborhood and the house in question has some vague history. So, this movie isn't going to break any new grounds. However, even though the format is too well-known, the direction is quite well done here. The suspense is kept at high level throughout the movie, unlike many similar movies that have dull moments. Some scenes even resemble the works of such masters of this genre like Mr Hitchcock.So I give this 6/10 (or *** out of *****).

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