Download Armitage III: Dual Matrix (Video )

Armitage III: Dual Matrix (Video )

Armitage III: Dual Matrix (Video )
Movie: Armitage III: Dual Matrix (Video )(2002)[tt0303678] Five years after the OAV series, Third series robot Naomi Armitage and her husband Ross Sylibus now live peacefully on Mars with their daughter, until a corporation wants to know the secrets of the third's ability to bear children.
Title Armitage III: Dual Matrix (Video )
Release Date 22 March 2002 (Japan)
Genres Animation, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Production Companies Pioneer LDC
Jôji Nakata
Jôji Nakata...
Strings (voice)...
Takumi Yamazaki
Takumi Yamazaki...
Mouse (voice)...


ju1ian8 on 28 August 2002
When I first read that Juliette Lewis was going to be a seiyuu (voice actor) for Armitage I wasn't sure if she would be able to pull it off. Even though I think she is a great actress some actors don't seem to make a good transition to voice acting. I am happy to say that she did a great job. Elizabeth Berkley did a good job with the first movie along with Kiefer Sutherland but Juliette really shines in some scenes when Armitage is blowing her top (no pun intended). It would have been great if they would have gotten Kiefer Sutherland to play the role of Ross with Juliette for the sequel but Skip Stellrecht does a fine job as the ex-cop. The picture quality is great although it would have been better in letterbox. Now, the real jem of this DVD is the surround sound. It seems Pioneer went all out and purposely made the movie's soundtrack for 5.1 systems. The sound engineers balanced the music very well with the voices and sound effects. Even during an action scene you can still here the voices very well along with the music and everything else without having to play with the volume buttons. Of course, you can only appreciate this if you have a surround sound system. I give this anime 7 out of 10 stars for it's excellent sound engineering.

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