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The Tommy Wi-Show
Movie: The Tommy Wi-Show(2011)[tt2229453] Join cult film star Tommy Wiseau as he travels around the universe, playing video games and (sort of) hosting the world's first intergalactic talk show! All sorts of wild adventures and danger are in store for Tommy, so watch everything and you might learn something. Written byDanny B.
Title The Tommy Wi-Show
Release Date 24 September 2011 (USA)
Genres Comedy, Sci-Fi, Talk-Show
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau...
 T.W. ...


josephellis on 10 November 2018
The series is based on Tommy Wiseau playing video games, which sounds great! I was excited for it! But it failed horribly. There is a whole another subplot of an alien that keeps talking to him, some hobo in a leather jacket character interrupts the show. It's kinda bad. In the Dark Souls episode, he played 4 minutes of the game and made 0% progress. He only killed one enemy. Then there was the whole acting between the characters outside of Tommy playing the game. It should've been just 100% footage of him playing video games. This was made by Machinma. So that explains why it sucks. Lets just hope Tommy Wiseau stars in GameGrumps sometime.

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