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Cosmos (TV Series )

Cosmos (TV Series )
TV Series: Cosmos (TV Series )(1980)[tt0081846] Astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan is host and narrator of this 13-hour series that originally aired on Public Broadcasting Stations in the United States. Dr. Sagan describes the universe in a way that appeals to a mass audience, by using Earth as a reference point, by speaking in terms intelligible to non-scientific people, by relating the exploration of space to that of the Earth by pioneers of old, and by citing such Earth legends as the Library of Alexandria as metaphors for space-related future events. Among Dr. Sagan's favorite topics are the origins of life, the search for life on Mars, the infernal composition of the atmosphere of Venus and a warning about a similar effect taking place on Earth due to global pollution and the "greenhouse effect", the lives of stars, interstellar travel and the effects of attaining the speed of light, the danger of mankind technologically self-destructing, and the search, using radio technology, for intelligent life in deep space. Written byKevin McCorry <>
Title Cosmos (TV Series )
Release Date 28 September 1980 (USA)
Genres Documentary
Production Companies KCET, Carl Sagan Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
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sent2null on 15 August 2005
I was always fascinated by the documentaries created by public television after my experience with Cosmos, Carl Sagans gift to humanity. Beautifully weaving human knowledge into a 13 part series. He covers the entire landscape of understanding in some way; History, Biology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Religion and the relationships of all these with human politics throughout history and across cultures. It is quite a goal to hit and it is done masterfully. I clearly remember anticipation for the commencement of the series in 1980 when I was 9. It and many of the later science/natural world focused PBS series to follow (Nature, Nova,The Mechanical Universe) in the 80's were what inspired me to pursue a profession in engineering. I hold an electrical engineering degree because of shows like this. Here I am 25 years later discovering again the wonder of Cosmos. I've picked up the series as a gift for my children, yet unborn, that they may hopefully be similarly inspired by this masterful work of television at its best.Highiest possible recommendation.Regards,

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